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Electos LogoElectos is a web-based system for creating, maintaining, organizing and publishing website content.  It is a powerful yet easy to use system that lets a diverse team collaborate to create great websites with a minimum of time and effort.

There are two main components of Electos:

Electos Studio is the system's content authoring and site management component. It runs in Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser. By running entirely in the browser, people can work on site content or administration anytime, anywhere without the need to install any special software. Using Electos Studio, authors develop and maintain content in a word processing-like environment. Then, with a click of the mouse, their content is stored in a database on a web server, ready to publish.

Electos Publisher works in conjunction with the Microsoft's IIS to serve richly formatted pages to web site visitors. The Publisher component generates the site's web pages using pre-defined formatting and the information stored in the Electos content databases.

Electos offers...

  • Structured, multi-level design capability
  • Complete abstraction of content from design and structure
  • User "roles" that provide different rights to content authors, designers and administrators
  • Page creation and editing independent of publication to allow for review, approval and reuse
  • A powerful, yet easy to use time-based activation and expiration mechanism for pages

Electos itself is built with Visual DataFlex  - an advanced system designed for developing database applications for Windows and the web.  Click the logo for more information...

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