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Visual DataFlex provides world-class options to bring reports to life in your applications...

Crystal Reports for DataFlex
Crystal Reports is the market-leading desktop query and report writer. When you need to create reports and other forms of output from your data sources or include reporting directly in Visual DataFlex applications, then Crystal is the single best product you can buy and use.  Learn more about Crystal Reports

DataFlex Connectivity Kit for Crystal Reports
Enables Crystal Reports to access embedded database files through a native, 32-bit database driver.  With this "CK", developers can utilize the full scope of Crystal Reports' capabilites.  The connectivity Kit is included with Crystal Reports for DataFlex and can be purchased separately if you already have a copy of Crystal Reports.

WinPrint is Visual DataFlex's built in report generator. It cannot produce output with the same visual sophistication as Crystal Reports but, alternatively, it offers powerful capabilities to process data and create printed output concurrently.  The combination of WinPrint and Crystal Reports offers developers an unusual scope of capability to create reports in Viaual DataFlex.